Quite a number of years ago I went winter camping in December at San Simeon State Park.  The nights were so cold as temperatures fell to about 17 to 20 degrees.  It was quite chilly in my tent.  But the days were gorgeous.

I had had an insanely busy year traveling and photographing a number of black-and-white film landscapes for the galleries.  It was a very productive year for creating new works.  I needed a break and some time to relax.  So, I decided to go camping and hike the wonderful San Simeon Creek Trail.  I also visited the spectacular and enchanting Hearst Castle.  I just love that place.

One morning, as I was getting ready for my hike ... I decided to take photographs of the trail ... but in a different way.  Instead of a grand landscape, which is my usual style, I decided to take close-ups of my subjects.  My goal was to see things differently through my viewfinder, and in doing so, I found so much beauty within arm's reach.

If you would like to see more photographs from the San Simeon Creek Trail, please visit my facebook page. Enjoy!

©2012 Kelly Fitzgerald Photography.

Trail Map. ©California State Parks

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