I found out today that the image I took of the product "Chicken Crack", along with the label design by Drop Dead Design won New Product of the Year Award!  I started photographing products for Treats for Chickens last year and they have been such a great client.  Their products are of the highest quality and I highly recommend them for your pet chickens.

Treats for Chickens produces and sells a collection of healthy and organic treats for backyard pet chickens from their Petaluma, CA barn.  They also sell wholesale to farm and feed stores and local pet shops nationwide.

They also have non-toxic pest control, healthy chicken basics and a variety of items to help you along your journey with your pet chickens.

Chicken Crack.  ©2011 Treats for Chickens.

Mealworm Delight.  ©2011 Treats for Chickens.

Pumpkin Seed Snacks.  ©2011 Treats for Chickens.

Worms and Harvest Flakes.  ©2011 Treats for Chickens.

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