©2011 Bell Rock Growers Inc.

I am currently in the studio working on a commercial project with Bell Rock Growers Inc.  The owners are some of the nicest people you'll meet.  The company is family owned and operated.  Their farm is a certified organic grower of wheat grass.  Bell Rock Growers has grown to become the only company with a full line of pet products Powered with Green Nutrition®.

©2011 Bell Rock Growers Inc.
Powered with Green Nutrition®.

After my photo shoot yesterday ... I brought home one of their new products, Seafood Salad Pet Greens® Crunchy Cat Treats to give to my cat Munch.  Munch is a very finicky eater ... but once I opened the bag and he got a whiff of the treats ... he got really excited.  He LOVES them!  Munch just purred and purred as he ate the treats.  As a pet owner, it feels good knowing I am giving him a healthy treat that is all natural and full of vitamins and nutrients.

I highly recommend Bell Rock Growers products for your pets.  Visit their website to see all of their wonderful products.

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