As you may know, I have been using Zenfolio hosting service for organizing and presenting my photos online. You can view my site at http://klfphoto.zenfolio.com/

I think Zenfolio is a great service, and I wanted to recommend that you open an account as well.

Some of the features Zenfolio offers are:
• Unlimited storage for your photos
• Elegant pages with a variety of layouts and designs including creating your own completely custom designs that you can  edit without any knowledge of coding
• Beautiful presentation of your photos
• A very easy to use and intuitive interface
• Full screen Slideshows with music (50 free songs are included)
• Ability to link to many image sizes and share your photos on Facebook and Twitter directly from your account. This way, you can upload photos only once and share them any way you like.

You can use my referral code BGD-1HG-4NG during sign up to save 10% off your own subscription. Once subscribed, you'll get your own code, and if you get enough referrals, you may never need to pay for the service again. 

Zenfolio offers a free Trial account for two weeks so you can see if you like it. I really think you should give it a try.


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